our next gen is coming

Collaborate where it matters, automate the rest.
The AI-driven way to build industrial control systems.

Design, build, commission and operate industrial control systems in a way that has never been seen before. One collaborative place where everyday words turn into a perfectly functioning industrial facility

Bringing Industry 4.0 to the infrastructure.

Latest trends are changing the face of industry – Predictive Maintenance, IIoT, VR and many more.

WonderLogics brings innovation also to the infrastructure of automation, that was left intact for decades. This way, failures are prevented instead of predicted and data is readily accessible.

When everyone understands, anyone can contribute the most.

Use everyday words to define functionality so that process and control engineers, project managers and operators can all share the same data, understand exactly how things work and excel at their job.


Modular Delivery. Build robust, clear and tested components that integrate seamlessly.

Work in limited-scope cycles, with an integrated team, from concept to delivery. Avoid silos, maximize team productivity, discover problems sooner and stay on top of your project. 

​”Solve Problems By Taking Them Away Entirely.”

Alex Marcy
Corso Systems – President

“Commissioning the system was completed successfully within two hours only and
without making any change to the automatically generated code.”

Ran Nachmani
Unilever Haifa Site Engineering Manager

Paul Lynn
Paul LynnNo. 1 PLC instructor in Udemy
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We are talking about cutting edge [...] This is tomorrow's technology [...] amazing tool to have in your toolbox
Walker Reynolds
Walker ReynoldsIntellic Integration / President
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To say this platform is slick, beautiful and powerful would be a major understatement. […] this is going to cut development and documentation time by 2/3.
Ohad ShiftanPhosphate Removal Project Manager, Toxsorb
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For the first time, our process engineers (who are not control engineers) were able to design the control sequence to the last detail, generate PLC code and commission the project without subcontracting the work to an external integrator. Using WonderLogics was clear and intuitive and didn’t require any know-how in PLC programming.
Baruch DachCo-founder and CTO, AlgaeMor Ltd.
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Working with external contractors, I struggled to define my control system processes for over 3 months. With WonderLogics, I did it in-house — in 8 hours! The WonderLogix platform is the industrial revolution for biotech startups