Use everyday words to turn your vision into a perfectly functioning industrial facility.

Involved in building an industrial facility?
Are you the one who knows the process?
From now,

You can automate it!

WonderLogix allows anyone to intuitively define how an industrial facility should operate and will generate 100% matching controller (PLC) code and documentation.

  • Make your facility work exactly as you want.
  • Gain the flexibility to change anythinganytime.
  • No dependency on subcontractors. No miscommunications. No malfunctions.

It’s in your hands.

Why People Trust WonderLogix

“Commissioning the system was completed successfully within two hours only and
without making any change to the automatically generated code.”

Ran Nachmani
Unilever Haifa Site Engineering Manager

Paul Lynn
Paul LynnNo. 1 PLC instructor in Udemy
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We are talking about cutting edge [...] This is tomorrow's technology [...] amazing tool to have in your toolbox
Walker Reynolds
Walker ReynoldsIntellic Integration / President
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To say this platform is slick, beautiful and powerful would be a major understatement. […] this is going to cut development and documentation time by 2/3.
Ohad ShiftanPhosphate Removal Project Manager, Toxsorb
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For the first time, our process engineers (who are not control engineers) were able to design the control sequence to the last detail, generate PLC code and commission the project without subcontracting the work to an external integrator. Using WonderLogix was clear and intuitive and didn’t require any know-how in PLC programming.
Baruch DachCo-founder and CTO, AlgaeMor Ltd.
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Working with external contractors, I struggled to define my control system processes for over 3 months. With WonderLogix, I did it in-house — in 8 hours! The WonderLogix platform is the industrial revolution for biotech startups

I’m a process engineer
and have a project in mind, but…

I have a system integrator giving me a complete solution. Why should I use WonderLogix?

A control system is not one piece. It mainly consists of hardware, controller code and graphical displays. A system integrator can easily handle these parts and integrate them to a complete system, except for the controller code. For that, he needs you — the process engineer — to tell him how the facility should operate. This knowledge transfer is hard and tends to fail. WonderLogix allows you to eliminate this knowledge transfer and gives you back full control over the process.

I can’t risk my project.

 WonderLogix converts your requirements directly to controller code, so programming errors are eliminated. This dramatically reduces the risk of improper functionality. To minimize project management risks, we will assign you a supervisor to guide you through the project’s steps with the help of our certified system integrators and partners. Whatever it takes we are here to help

My process is very complex.

We rarely encounter process requirements that WonderLogix cannot handle. Its purely modular approach helps break complex process requirements into smaller and simpler parts.

It’s a POC that will not be deployed soon.

WonderLogix is a modeling tool. It helps you build a clear model of the control system that anyone can understand so that it can be reviewed and demonstrated. You can generate detailed functional specs or run the built-in emulator long before deployment starts. You can then quickly deploy without any doubts about compatibility with your design.

So, what now?

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So, what now?

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