WonderLogix Announces Support for Siemens’ TIA Portal

WonderLogix Announces Support for Siemens’ TIA Portal

[Yokneam, Israel, March 20, 2019]: WonderLogix, the leading innovator in coding-free industrial automation systems expands their capabilities to include the Siemens TIA Portal. With this latest integration, Siemens Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) can now leverage the advantages of the WonderLogix software platform for easier, safer, and more cost-effective industrial automation design. WonderLogix ability to support Siemen’s PLCs is due in large part to the $2.2M USD equity-free investment awarded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 SME program.

When combined with the current support for Rockwell Automation’s PLCs, the WonderLogix platform is now available to a vast majority of PLC implementations worldwide.

“We are excited to bring WonderLogix to another important segment of the industrial controls market. This development further expands the capabilities of the WonderLogix platform, enabling implementations of industrial automation projects by professionals, with or without formal PLC programming experience.” said Gonen Ziv, CEO of WonderLogix.

The WonderLogix platform accomplishes this by allowing users to intuitively define, visually and in plain English, how their facility should operate, and then automatically generate PLC code and the supporting documentation. Additionally, clients are able to import existing functional blocks for re-use in designing new systems or upgrading existing ones. Companies using Siemens PLCs will now enjoy the benefits of using the WonderLogix platform, including increased accuracy due to safety and diagnosis features, enhanced efficiency and ultimately shorter commissioning times and easier software maintenance.

Mark Massa, Principal at Plant-IQ, observed “The WonderLogix platform is the Rosetta Stone of industrial automation!! The industry has longed for a unified programming environment that is control system agnostic and we are excited to partner with WonderLogix to bring it to market. It allows for process knowledge to be interpreted into control system design without needing to know a particular vendor’s programming environment.”

About WonderLogix

WonderLogix is disrupting the world of industrial automation with patented technology that enables designing and programing control systems in plain English, with no low level coding required. These solutions apply to a range of market segments, including water treatment, energy, biotech, food & beverage and oil & gas.

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