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How does it work?

  • You apply here (scroll down).
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  • If we approve your participation, we’ll set up a one-hour call to learn about your project and kick off a six month period.
  • You will be invited to join our upcoming Certification Course, which starts on August 1st, 2019. Upon graduation, your license will be extended to the whole six-month period.
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What is your commitment?

  • To actively attend the Certification Course (throughout August 2019) and submit all the tasks.
  • To complete a project (i.e. design and commissioning) within these six months.
  • And finally, to be interviewed by Zack Scriven (!!), providing us with a video testimonial.


We commit to:

  • Providing you with WonderLogix Studio for FREE over six months.
  • Reserving up to two free seats in the upcoming course for you.
  • Helping you implement your project.
  • Sharing your story online and promoting your business (if you make a good test case 😊)


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